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Forrest Gump, true life movies.

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don't have a lot of time for TV lately, more computer, work and sleep.

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hello, the internet world knows me as chez. I have been doing groups for many years now, and been on the net for a lot as well....wow, how time flies.imageimageimage Just thought i would see if i could get back in here, finally worked it out. Been a very long time. I really don't see much success with these types of groups anymore. i am totally all for Facebook. i know this could be sad for some people, but it has worked well for me. please look me up over there. Cheryl Maree Sommerfeld

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i will get some real soon.

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  1. Almost the end of 2014

    11/29/14 04:08:04 | 0 Comments

    I should have believed my mother years ago, when she said, as you get older the years go quicker! they are simply flying now that i have turned 50.
  2. 2013, almost march

    02/28/13 09:36:03 | 0 Comments

    Here it is almost march and i just don't come to yuku anymore. i really did try with yuku, wanted it to be a success, but, in the end, i gave up. i find facebook, so much better, have met heaps of interesting people. I have made an autism group, and have over 100 people join in over a week, as people i knew invited others and so it goes on and on. yuku just doesn't have the way of getting people in and involved, pity, cause it does have some lovely layouts etc. So all the best to you, if your...
  3. What i am doing now!

    05/24/12 21:01:40 | 0 Comments

    I really haven't done well with yuku groups at all, so i have virtually given it up, haven't been there for quite awhile now. i find Facebook so much better and have started a christian page there which has over 100 members now, sure not all of them write, but thats ok, much easier to look after and i post things up as i find them. So if you need to find me on there, just look for cheryl maree sommerfeld, add me as a friend, then i can invite you to the group there. i still...
  4. 2011

    05/14/11 03:06:52 | 0 Comments

    Decided i better write something considering its been so very long. i am giving yuku another try to see if i can actually enjoy it...hahaha...............
  5. Sad for a family

    06/11/09 22:13:42 | 0 Comments

    Her funeral is today. Its in a neighbouring town as she is to be cremated.
  6. Some weeks

    05/27/09 03:49:50 | 1 Comments

    This week has been a hard one. trying to run a group can have its downside. No matter how i try, there are days i feel like throwing it all in. I know though, i would miss it terribly if i did. I shall not let others make me feel inferior, because the group isn't how they like it.